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Address:4-6-1F, Motoyoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo


Open : Monday ~ Wednesday 1:00pm ~ 6:00pm


*Please make a reservation for framing order before your visit. 


Access to shop

Shop sur-murs keeps a rich assortment of tools, materials and frames for framing. We have some exclusive tools for framing that are hard to find in Japan, all sorts of mat-boards America, acid-free papers, and archival supplies for preservation framing. Our frame order department offers more than 1000 samples especially imported from Italy and France, all of europe.

Our atelier offers custom framing for art works, photograph,memorabilia, craft works and anything you wish to frame, two dimensional or three dimensional. We offer advice for framing from processing simple mounting to custom framing which our designer will create as if it were haute couture, according to your budget and purpose.

              We can speak english and french.

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